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When ordinary is not an option, let MoMo do it.

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​​At MoMo Companies, we believe that everyone has the inherent right to be fabulous. Unique graphic and website designs, effective marketing campaigns, stunning business presentations, and memorable events are all part of creating the ultimate experience for your clients and business partners.

Whether it's a complete re-branding of your organization or a simple brochure or advertisement, we will provide you with everything you need to be wildly successful...and, yes, completely fabulous.

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  • Logos
  • Marketing media
  • Print and web advertising

Graphic and Web Design.

  • Websites
  • Tradeshow booth remodels and new builds
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Business cards and letterhead

Corporate Events.

  • Corporate events and meetings
  • Wine tastings


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United Computer Group, Inc. hired MoMo Companies in 2011 to design a tri-fold brochure. We were so impressed with Francine's initial results that UCG contracted the entire design of our corporate capabilities brochure, PowerPoint presentation, letterhead, business cards and envelopes. Francine has a unique way of interpreting what needs to be said and puts it in an "easy to the eye" format for the layman to understand.

I would fully recommend MoMo Companies to any firm looking to create or re-create their corporate image.

James Kandrac, Founder & President, United Computer Group, Inc.

I worked with Fran for a number of years and always found her incredibly focused and energetic in pursuit of her various roles, bringing great creativity and warm interpersonal skills to the team—always someone you can rely on to deliver and execute with a positive attitude and an engaging smile. I absolutely recommend Fran to anyone...

Chris Davey, Vice President, Snap-on Business Solutions

SIMPLY FABULOUS! Get your event mojo working with Fran and MoMo Companies. I have had the pleasure of working with Francine on national sales meetings, automotive events and VIP parties that are world-class, MEMORABLE experiences. No detail is overlooked and EVERY detail is specially designed with Fran's magic creative touch. The only thing that surpasses Fran's talents is her genuine friendliness, side-splitting humor and passion for life. I am honored to know this amazing woman and am grateful for her support and friendship.

Helene Weinberg, President, Out To Lunch Events

Francine is reliable, dedicated and enthusiastically upbeat. She demonstrates a great ability to multi-task effectively and is able to handle high-volume workloads. Further she is very creative, organized, diligent while maintaining the ultimate professional demeanor. I heartily endorse her for any position.

Warren Webermin, Vice President Business Development, Xtime, Inc

I would recommend Fran for any position requiring professionalism, organization and marketing creativity. Fran works tirelessly on all projects, large or small, to ensure they are completed with excellence. She led many projects for Snap-on Business Solutions to assist in integrating the Snap-on brand into the newly acquired business that became Business Solutions. The transition was flawless. Her ability to interpret creative needs is second to none. I appreciated all of the work Fran did for me and Snap-on Business Solutions.

Mary Beth Siddons, former President, Snap-on Business Solutions

Fran is a professional who could work with anyone and make an event a spectacular event. She is creative, personable and well organized which are qualities that transformed Snap-on Business Solutions' Marketing department into a world-class marketing department. Fran pays attention to details and listens to what you have to say. I personally have seen the results of her work including trade shows, product marketing materials, customer presentations and internal company presentations. She knows how to add the WOW factor to any event or presentation. I would highly recommend Fran for your upcoming event.

Jewel Drass, Sr. Program Manager, Snap-on Business Solutions

Francine has an amazing ability to take the commonplace or mundane and make it "fabulous." Her willingness to pay close attention to even the smallest detail ensured that all components of her creations worked together seamlessly to convey a message precisely or accomplish a goal perfectly. Fran knows how to deliver a powerful message, create a memorable event, and make any audience say, "Wow."

Bob White, Sr. Technical Writer, Snap-on Business Solutions

I had the privilege of working directly for Francine Ciaccia at Snap-on Business Solutions for three years. She is an amazing mentor and leader. Her creative ability is infinite. From planning tradeshows and customer event parties, to creating brochures, she will undoubtedly master any task at hand. I highly recommend Francine because her abilities and talents are limitless!

Jennifer Hurst, Marketing Coordinator, Snap-on Business Solutions

During the course of my career, I have the privilege to meet many exceptionally talented professionals. While they all stand out in their own right, a few stand above the rest for the caliber of person and professional they are. Fran Ciaccia is one of those stand outs. A consummate professional, she is as comfortable in a meeting with senior management as she is in working with a construction team at a trade show.

Fran always brings a dynamic, up-beat personality to every conversation and her optimistic character is always about what it will take to get the job done, never that we can't get the job done. Fran is a person of class, style, good taste, and tremendous personal integrity. Fran is a joy to work with and is unmatched in covering every detail, managing within budget, and delivering on time. She is an exceptional listener and uniquely creative with the information she gleans. If Fran is on the job you can rest assured that the deliverables will be beyond expectations!

Brian Plott, former Director Business Development, Snap-on Business Solutions

Fran is a dedicated, passionate and enthusiastic performer with a sharp, creative mind and boundless energy. Unlike most creative types however, Fran executes with laser precision. From the big picture to the finest details, Fran has managed some of the company's highest profile trade shows and events. Strong conceptualization, consensus building, organizational skills, communications skills, managing relationships at all levels throughout an organization and attention to detail are just of few of the skills Fran brings to the table. Fran has my highest recommendations as an employee and as a professional partner to any business looking to stand out from the crowd.

Andy Wyszkowski, former President, ProQuest Business Solutions

Above everything else, Fran is an absolute joy to partner and work with. She is smart, full of great and creative ideas and best of all, fun! Fran is one of the most positive people I have met, nothing is impossible or difficult. She is a great partner to have when the project is tough or time constrained, she will do what it takes to get the job done. Fran was responsible for managing and coordinating all of SBS's events. All I can say is that all of them were well planned, coordinated and executed, with class!

Albert Jorajuria, General Manager, Latin America Operations, Microsoft

Fran is a "make it happen" person who quickly identifies what needs to be done, does it immediately, and takes the extra steps to make sure that every detail is carried out in the best possible way. Fran transformed Marketing at Snap-on Business Solutions from an afterthought to a world-class department that has greatly enhanced the company's image. The results of her remarkable design and organizational skills are evident not only in the marketing campaigns and materials she created, but also in everything from arranging details to designing the impressive booth that makes Snap-on's presence at the annual NADA convention and other trade shows exciting and successful. Fran is a well-organized, professional individual and a fabulous person to work with, as her colleagues and customers will attest.

Dave Bucher, Sr. Technical Writer, Snap-on Business Solutions

I have had the pleasure of working with Fran for over ten years where she has organized many, many corporate functions/events/meetings where she was the primary person responsible for every facet of the events. Fran is an extremely well organized individual who thrives and "shines" when it matters most. I highly recommend Fran to anyone who requires attention to detail and "simply the best".

Debbie Sykes, Account Manager, Snap-on Business Solutions

I can enthusiastically recommend Francine as someone who can definitely take the lead on events, presentations and organization. She has excellent communication and project management skills with the ability to turn concepts into specific plans and actions then implement them. She is always well-organized, persistent and results-oriented and does a quality job with the ability to work well under tight deadlines.

Bruce Rhoades, former President, ProQuest Business Solutions

Fran and I have worked together for many years. She is an outstanding achiever at any and all assignments that she is charged with. She has produced incredible events like our NADA National Convention from start to finish as well as many sales/marketing projects from soup to nuts with the most creative solutions imaginable. She is amazingly successful at all that she touches. I have been grateful to have worked side by side with her as she knows strategy, priorities, research, process, product, service, design, creativity...I cannot say enough about all that she has done to contribute to our and my success! Choose Fran for your creative solutions and she will amaze all...not just you.

Jimmy Bagley, Vice President Sales, Snap-on Business Solutions

I had the opportunity and pleasure of working with Francine for a Snap-on trade show event in San Francisco (2008) in which I provided the live music. From the very first moment that I met Fran, she was incredibly warm, engaging, charismatic, hospitable and kind. She is a professional with fantastic ideas, loads of positive energy and the skill sets which ultimately allow her to be great at what she does. While observing her work as I performed, it was apparent at just how much everyone loved working with her. To me, Fran is exemplary in modeling what it is to be vivacious, professional, innovative and fun all at the same time! I highly recommend Fran as a marketing specialist/ resource and personally can't wait to partner with her again myself!

Ryan Kelly Garcia, Gypsy Flamenco Guitarist

Fran is truly the most creative person I have ever met. The marketing collateral she developed and coordinated at Snap-on was innovative and the best I have ever seen. Her planning and organization skills are superior and resulted in successful events for the company. Fran has such a passion for everything she does and the results show it. I highly recommend Fran for any event you need planned or creative marketing material to deliver the results you want.

Brian Packey, Sr. IT Business Analyst

I had the pleasure of working with Fran for many years as she provided highly professional support for many leadership teams. Fran was the pillar at the executive level, instilling confidence in the pulse of the organization. Fran and I worked much closer as she began providing Marketing support via creative and tasteful product and service representation. Fran is highly energetic, an excellent project manager and quickly earns respect with any audience.

Tim Leon, former Director, Logistics & Fulfillment Operations, Snap-on Business Solutions