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We deliver excellence by design. (We're crafty like that.)

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Our designs grow organically through your vision and goals. Concepts become reality through the process of listening, learning, and collaboration.

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  • Websites
  • Tradeshow booth remodels and new builds
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Business cards and letterhead
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Your website is like the front door to your house. If it's scary and full of spider webs, no one will dare enter. When a client is searching online for the type of service or product you offer, you want them to arrive at your front door before anyone else's. Further, you want them to enthusiastically enter and feel welcome to stay for a long time!

Is your business ready for some serious curb appeal? Contact MoMo today to discuss your needs or schedule a consultation with our web design team.

Tradeshow booth remodels and new builds

The importance of your company's exhibit at an industry trade show cannot be underestimated. The look and feel of your booth represents your business in a very public way. A company spends the time and money to exhibit at a tradeshow for three major reasons: to promote their brand, to sell their products and services, and attract new business.

Your tradeshow booth should also show your competition that you are a formidable competitor. MoMo Companies can help your company put its best foot forward at your next industry show. Show the competition how it's done!

PowerPoint presentations

We create stunning PowerPoint presentations! Our presentations are customized to reflect the look and feel of your business or a specific event. Forget those canned templates—everyone has seen them. The purpose of a PowerPoint presentation is to serve as a backdrop for the speaker. The presentation should be graphically dominant but not distracting, with the least amount of text possible.

MoMo has seen some fairly boring presentations, and we bet you have too. Slide after slide of content is not the way to wow your audience. You have an important message to deliver to your potential customer or client, but you could lose their interest almost immediately.

Terrific presentation skills and a commanding PowerPoint presentation go hand in hand. MoMo Companies builds custom presentations that will captivate your audience, and we'll even help your team deliver them with confidence.

Business cards and letterhead

Business cards and stationery are often the first impression potential customers or business partners have of you and your company. Attractive, relevant, well-designed business cards are key to not only that first impression, but one that lasts long after your initial meeting.

MoMo Companies designs custom business cards and stationery, as well as calling cards, personalized letterhead, greeting cards, and invitations for non-business use.