Francine Ciaccia - President, MoMo Companies
Really great at what she does. And she does it all in really great shoes.

Francine Ciaccia - President, MoMo Companies

Hello! After spending many years in the corporate world cultivating my passion for all things creative, MoMo Companies is a natural extension of who I am. I believe that to make a difference in this world, it is of utmost importance to consciously and deliberately choose to do work that you are passionate about. This fulfillment creates a positive and powerful force that knows no bounds.

It is in this spirit that MoMo Companies was created.

I am blessed with a supportive and loving family, life-long friends, and trusted colleagues. As a breast cancer survivor, I am acutely aware of my place in this world as an advocate and mentor to others.

I am deeply grateful for the strong relationships and incredible talent surrounding me, enabling MoMo Companies to emerge from a long-time vision into a reality.

Now, let's do something fabulous together, shall we?

Why MoMo?

That’s an easy one. When my grandson Clint was a toddler, he raised his arms asking to be held. As I scooped him up, he looked at me sweetly and said “MoMo”. That was it for me! The name took hold and since then, my family and friends and now my clients know me simply as “MoMo”. I love the name because it’s fun, but mostly because it came from Clint.

The MoMo Companies name was designed to highlight our diverse offerings: marketing, corporate event planning, and design. Under these broad categories we offer a wide variety of services all geared toward the specific needs of our clients.

The MoMo Logo

As I was brainstorming ideas to graphically represent MoMo Companies, it didn’t take long for the image of the white butterfly to speak to a manner of speaking.

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The MoMo Logo

As I was brainstorming ideas to graphically represent MoMo Companies, it didn't take long for the image of the white butterfly to speak to a manner of speaking.

In June 2008, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. In the days and weeks following my diagnosis, I began to feel the warm and wonderful presence of my Dad who passed away in July 2005. Perhaps he was there all along, but suddenly there was no mistaking his essence. It calmed and reassured me.

At the same time, I began to notice that everywhere I went a lone white butterfly would appear, aggressively insisting I acknowledge it. The first time it appeared, I was having lunch with my friend Charlene on the patio of a restaurant. It flitted and fluttered around us as if to say, "Do you see me? Do you?"

The next day I was at home on my deck when the butterfly once again appeared. Then he came the next day; and the next. My husband and children were often present when the butterfly paid a visit, somehow validating what was left of my sanity. My Mom arrived shortly before my July 21 surgery; she wept when the butterfly appeared, swooping near then lingering in the distant foliage. "Hello my love," she said.

As summer melded into fall, my white butterfly continued to visit daily, even making an appearance at my daughter's August wedding just five weeks after my surgery. Afterward, on the dark days during chemotherapy when I felt exhausted and afraid, he would pop in for a moment or two as if to say, "It's going to be okay." Once the frost came, he was gone.

On the first warm spring day, I stepped out onto my deck to revel in the sunshine and take in the glory that comes with this yearly rebirth of life. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of him. "Hello, Daddy. Welcome back—I made it!"

In the logo for MoMo Companies, the butterfly is perched upon a flower ironically called Lucifer Crocosmia. I chose it for the beautiful texture and colors, and it became the inspiration for the MoMo color palette. I hope to find just the right place in my garden to grow them this year, perhaps as a resting place for my little white butterfly.

Service Area

I live in Northeast Ohio and enjoy working and collaborating with individuals and businesses across the nation—wherever there is a specific need to be met. Contact me today if you have any questions.