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Our marketing media is so exciting, we put copies on our own refrigerators.

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Regardless of the size of your business, one thing is certain: you want your company to be top of mind to your client base and attractive to potential clients. MoMo Companies can help you achieve your goals of brand recognition, fresh marketing strategies, and advertising in ways that are relevant, effective, and give you the most value for your investment.

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Logo design is an important part of corporate branding, and is often the first step in defining the overall look and feel of your company. Think of your logo as a visual shortcut to the personality and character of your business. A well-thought, well-designed logo can speak volumes about your brand and image.

If your company is ready for a new or redesigned logo, MoMo and her creative team can help you take your business to the next level.

Marketing collateral

You know how you get that big stack of mail every day and end up throwing most of it in the recycle bin? But sometimes there is one really interesting postcard or envelope or flyer that compels you to keep and read it. That's a MoMo Companies marketing piece!

We generate excitement and ultimately sales for your company through our focused approach, creative designs, and targeted messaging.

Print and web advetising

Generally speaking, people are not big fans of advertising: too many messages for too many things we might never need. Yet it still presents an important vehicle for getting your message across to your potential customers.

At MoMo Companies, we believe in reconciling these seemingly opposed facts through user-focused, engaging advertising, that looks to both entertain and inform your audience. Taking a creative approach to online or offline advertising will bring you not just customers, but customer connections.