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MoMo supports Dr. Vincent Tuohy's Breast Cancer Vaccine.

Hearing the words "You have cancer" changes a person forever. There is really no way to describe that moment in time unless you've lived it. When I was diagnosed in 2008 with Triple-Negative Breast Cancer, I had never even heard of it. As I prepared for the battle of my life, I made a promise to myself and to my family that I would fight with everything I had.

Today, I fight for the women who walk this journey behind me, and I fight in memory of the women who have lost their battle to this horrible disease. One of the ways I create awareness is through my company website where I am able to reach a far greater audience than I possibly could on my own.

What is Triple-Negative Breast Cancer?

This subtype of breast cancer is generally diagnosed based upon the presence, or lack of, three "receptors" known to fuel most breast cancers: estrogen receptors, progesterone receptors and human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2). The most successful treatments for breast cancer target these receptors.

Unfortunately, none of these receptors are found in women with triple negative breast cancer. In other words, a triple negative breast cancer diagnosis means that the offending tumor is estrogen receptor-negative, progesterone receptor-negative and HER2-negative, thus giving rise to the name "triple negative breast cancer."

On a positive note, this type of breast cancer is typically responsive to chemotherapy. Because of its triple negative status, however, triple negative tumors generally do not respond to receptor targeted treatments. Depending on the stage of its diagnosis, triple negative breast cancer can be particularly aggressive, and more likely to recur than other subtypes of breast cancer.

- from the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation website


Now there is hope on the horizon with the discovery of a breast cancer vaccine developed by Dr. Vincent Tuohy of the Cleveland Clinic to end breast cancer of all types.

Dr. Tuohy and his team at the Cleveland Clinic’s Lerner Research Institute are nearing clinical trials on the first-ever vaccine to prevent breast cancer. But they need your support to help move this extraordinary research forward.

"We believe that this vaccine will someday be used to prevent breast cancer in adult women in the same way that vaccines prevent polio and measles in children," says Dr. Tuohy.

You have the opportunity to fast-track exploration from the lab to clinical trials with your pledge of support today.

Imagine...a vaccine against breast cancer.

Make a gift today.

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